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Duluth GA

For Designers

Upholstery Walls


Sofa & Chairs

Drapery for Wall of Windows

For Family Homes

Dinning Room Chairs
Bedroom Headboards

Bedding and Pillows

Custom Draperies

For Small Businesses

Café Booth Seating & Bar Stools

Chiropractic table

Dental Chairs

Retail Waiting area Setting

Upholstery For Hotels

Lobby Seating

Custom Chairs

Large Sofas

Hotel Room Headboards

Competitive Pricing

A Large Fabric Selection From Our Store

We Pay Special Attention to Details and Quality

You Benefit From Our Experience

We are Proudly Serving  Our  Clients 

Creating New Custom Design and Finishing 

Restoring  Original Piece Seamlessly

Flawless Transformation